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Bonnallie Brodeur

The best duo of professional photographers in town!


(compound noun)

They met almost 20 years ago during their photography class at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. Looking like an old couple, without being so, they have an incredible complicity to make people jealous.


This duo of photographers has a noted and remarkable penchant for imaginative staging, daring treatments as well as exceptional and warm human contact. This unique species of photographers does not hesitate to go to the limits of the unimaginable to offer you memorable photos. They are the photographers who will know how to accompany you in order to realize your projects with a vision that is both refreshing and authentic of your most ambitious ideas.

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Montreal photographer, marathon runner and made up of plants only, Simon is always on the lookout for new technologies that can help him improve his work, he has an exceptional eye for relentlessly tracking down the little detail that will make the difference.

Since 2003, he has specialized in casting photos, professional portraits, weddings as well as e-commerce photography.


For several years now, he has discovered a passion for still life photography. He explores lighting set-up, original compositions and experiments in order to turn a product that may seem banal, into a product that makes the mouth water.

Don't hesitate to challenge him!


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Montreal painter and photographer with the mane of a lioness with great determination and presenting a marked artistic outgrowth.

A champion of inventive photographic sessions and original poses, she knows how to leave room for the emotion of her models in order to leave them unforgettable images of precious moments that are as much everyday as they are special occasions.

Specializing since 2003 in portrait art, lifestyle, wedding and children's photography, she loves to capture all those imperfections of your little chaos that make you unique.

Let her enter your cocoon and you will not be disappointed!


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